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    Enhance your visual narrative with our premium services, 360 photography, video production, drone photography, and aerial photography. Create an immersive experience for your audience and transform your time lapse project into something extraordinary.

360 Photography

More than just a marketing tool! 360-degree site tours offer a powerful and versatile tool for construction projects, enabling stakeholders to visualize, monitor, and collaborate on the project with greater ease and accuracy. They improve health & safety, enhance decision-making, and contribute to a more efficient and transparent construction process.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

Filming and Photography

Video & photographic documentation offers dynamic and informative ways to capture and communicate the entire construction process. It aids in project management, problem-solving, decision-making, and accountability, ultimately contributing to more successful and efficient construction projects.


Aerial & Drone Photography

Unlock a new perspective and combine your time lapse project with aerial photography. Here at Commission Air (a sister company of Time Lapse UK), we are the leading aerial photographers in the UK with over 30 years’ experience. We can produce stunning and dynamic videos by integrating both motion and skills, captured at key stages of your development. This will increase the engagement for your audience by creating a captivating video from different angles.



childrensalon, time lapse, testimonial, photography

The Time Lapse UK team were friendly and helpful at all times. The camera was professionally installed at high level and worked seamlessly over the two year period with no faults. The static images were consistently high quality and easily accessible via the online portal. The final time lapse video was cleverly pieced together and of manageable size and length. High recommended.

Ian Davidson
Childrensalon, UK

Time Lapse UK were professional throughout their engagement and provided excellent support from start to finish. They understood exactly what we needed at a cost more competitive than other suppliers we spoke to at the time.

William Mann
Mighty Fine Productions

time lapse, time lapse uk, baxter healthcare, construction

Having never used Time Lapse UK before I was never made to feel that our project wasn’t something that couldn’t be supported with. From the office team to the installation guys, all were professional. Our camera login was great as we were able to see all the images throughout our project and the quality was superb. When we finally edited our video Amber was there to help us through the process and made it a great finished product. 

Lee Inns
Baxter Healthcare