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The Unveiling of Tredegar House

Tredegar House is a 17th-century mansion house in Newport, Wales. Last year the National Trust began a 10 year project of conservation and commercial development. The key task of the renovation was to restore the roof over the north-west range of the Tredegar House, which had been leaking for a number of years. They removed over 35 tonnes of Welsh slate! The leaks in the roof were not only posing a threat to the precious collection inside the house, by altering the humidity levels, but were causing the conservation team hours of work carrying buckets of rainwater out of the house.

Why did the National Trust use time lapse?

The nature of the project meant there were limited opportunities to share with visitors the work that was actually happening up on the roof. The National Trust decided to use time lapse to capture the progress of the project not only as a means of record but also to share with those people the full extent of work that had taken place which the house had been under scaffolding.

The time lapse project took 11 months to complete, capturing the restoration on the roof to the unveiling of scaffolding to reveal the historic Tredegar House. View the final time lapse video below.

Time Lapse Video