advanced manufacturing park, construction, time lapse

Construction of the New Research Facility

Working with the Harworth Group we captured the construction of the UKAEA’S new research facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham. Construction started in January 2020 including a pause due to Covid-19 and then re-opened safely in a matter of weeks, with the project completing in October 2020. This new facility is home of Nuclear Fusion, the ultimate energy source.

Check out the time lapse of the whole build below:

time lapse uk, time lapse, construction

New OAS Training Centre at UKAEA Culham

We captured the purpose-built OAS Training Centre at the UKAEA Culham Science Centre with time lapse. The centre opened in September 2019 and took over a year to build, check out the construction of the build below.

time lapse uk, time lapse, construction, London, 250 bisopsgate, bishopsgate

250 Bishopsgate

250 Bishopsgate was one of our most recently completed time lapse projects in London. Working with Optimum Power Services we captured the first phase preparing to install power solutions for 250 Bishopsgate, London. We are currently recording the second phase as we speak! Take a look at their time lapse video so far.

Optimum Power Services commented on our Facebook post to say “This was another great project, and thanks to all who made sure it was a success.”