Time lapse technology is about more than just the cameras – it’s about resilient equipment that captures the entire length of your project, secure data transfer, storage and access through your dedicated portals, giving you complete confidence.

  • Time Lapse Cameras

    Our time lapse cameras produce exceptional image quality to create time lapse videos in full 4K resolutions.

  • Solar Powered

    Solar powered cameras with battery backup provide the flexibility to allow our time lapse cameras to positioned almost anywhere.

  • 4G Connectivity

    The images are transmitted over 4G to our secure server where you can view them in your own branded portal within minutes of them being taken.


We use state-of-the-art cameras, which can be powered by solar power, mains power or battery packs, making them ideal for all your applications.  They can utilise 110V, 240V mains power or solar panels between 10 and 150 watts depending on your requirements.

These cameras all meet the international IP66 rating for industrial enclosures, which means they can withstand extreme outdoor conditions including rain and extremes of temperature.

That means our cameras can reliably record the best quality footage for the lifetime of your project, capturing the critical phases and milestones from start to finish.

Our videos are supplied in 4K resolution and our portal images are detailed enough to zoom in and inspect your site.

time lapse cameras

Botany Bay Artist’s Impression

Below is the live portal of Botany Bay Business Park. Time Lapse UK is working with FI Real Estate Management to capture the redevelopment and the progress of the project. Situated in Chorley the 21-acre site will offer 33 individual units for employment and commercial uses. The project is due to complete in July 2023.

Your portal is dedicated to your project. All included in our service, you’ll receive a secure online link to your portal and also we can include your logo to personalise it. This is your high-resolution image archive which will contain all the images taken throughout your project, including time and date stamp so you know exactly when it was taken. The calendar tool allows you to easily look back in history to see how your project has developed and zoom in to see the superb detail in the images. Also, using the handy image comparison tool allows you to see the progress which has been made. As it can be viewed on any device 24/7, it is an ideal site monitoring tool for your project.

Data and storage

When we set up the cameras for your project, we connect them via 4G to our secure server. With over 97% UK coverage, 4G offers the most reliable system. That is why we made sure that the portals are password protected, and only those individuals authorised by you can access the images. The data is backed up three times using our secure server at Time Lapse UK, Amazon Web Services and Dropbox for additional security.

You can view still images within minutes of recording, helping you to keep a real-time check on the condition of your site, as well as remotely updating your team on progress. The time lapse video you receive will be processed using professional production software and equipment and are sent in MP4 format for maximum compatibility, which you can host and share without restrictions.

time lapse cameras


childrensalon, time lapse, testimonial, photography

The Time Lapse UK team were friendly and helpful at all times. The camera was professionally installed at high level and worked seamlessly over the two year period with no faults. The static images were consistently high quality and easily accessible via the online portal. The final time lapse video was cleverly pieced together and of manageable size and length. High recommended.

Ian Davidson
Childrensalon, UK

Time Lapse UK were professional throughout their engagement and provided excellent support from start to finish. They understood exactly what we needed at a cost more competitive than other suppliers we spoke to at the time.

William Mann
Mighty Fine Productions

time lapse, time lapse uk, baxter healthcare, construction

Having never used Time Lapse UK before I was never made to feel that our project wasn’t something that couldn’t be supported with. From the office team to the installation guys, all were professional. Our camera login was great as we were able to see all the images throughout our project and the quality was superb. When we finally edited our video Amber was there to help us through the process and made it a great finished product. 

Lee Inns
Baxter Healthcare