Complement Your Time Lapse Project With Aerial Photography

Did you know we also offer aerial photography? Unlock a new perspective and combine your time lapse project with aerial photography. At Commission Air, we are the leading aerial photographers in the UK with over 30 years of experience. We can produce stunning and dynamic videos by integrating both motion and skills, captured at key stages of your development. This will increase the engagement for your audience by creating a captivating video from different angles.

At Commission Air, we use our 50-million-pixel high-resolution camera to capture amazing detail of your site. We will take a variety of images including a plan shot looking vertically straight down, panoramic and close-ups. Plus, we only use helicopters which allow us to be completely remote from your site and we can cover multiple sites in one day.

Visit our dedicated website for aerial photography or contact us at 01778 344892 to find out how time lapse and aerial photography can benefit you.

Aerial Photography Gallery