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Our New Instant Time Lapse Feature

Time lapse is a fantastic visually appealing tool which brings projects to life. So of course our clients are eager to see their time lapse in action and how their projects are developing. This is why we have introduced our new instant time lapse video feature, located conveniently in the online portal.

This means that our clients can easily access the latest time lapse video at any time during the project. Great if you would like to monitor progress or would like a sneak preview ahead of receiving the monthly videos.

Putting Clients First

We are continually developing our services to meet and exceed client expectations. So with 24/7 access to a secure online portal, high resolution images, and our new instant time lapse video feature, there are now more reasons for you to choose Time Lapse UK for your next project. To see how time lapse can benefit you contact our team here.