Video & photographic documentation offers dynamic and informative ways to capture and communicate the entire construction process. It aids in project management, problem-solving, decision-making, and accountability, ultimately contributing to more successful and efficient construction projects.

  • Heath, Safety & Compliance

    Construction site filming and photography bolster Health & Safety practices and ensure compliance by capturing visual records of safety measures, regulatory adherence, and potential hazards. This documentation promotes accountability, supports audits, and ultimately fosters a safer work environment.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Stakeholders can remotely view the construction site’s progress, reducing the need for frequent site visits. This is especially valuable for clients, investors, or team members who may be located far from the construction site.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    Completed video documentation can be a valuable marketing tool for construction companies. It can be used to showcase completed projects, demonstrate expertise, and attract potential clients.

Our Service to You

  • Regular site visits to capture images and footage of the construction project at key milestones and stages of development.
  • Aerial drone photography and videography to provide a bird’s-eye view of the site and its surroundings.
  • 4K Plus resolution images and videos that capture the site’s details, ensuring clarity and accuracy.
  • The ability to customize the frequency and content of site visits, reports, and deliverables based on the client’s specific project needs.
  • Editing and post-production services to enhance the quality of images and videos included in the cost.
  • Additional Images and Videos preformatted for easy use with social media.

Botany Bay Artist’s Impression

Videos and photography make it easy to track the progress of construction over time. Project managers can visually compare different stages of the project, ensuring that it is on schedule and meeting milestones.  They can be used for training purposes, whether it’s for new employees, contractors, or safety protocols. It provides a visual guide to understanding the construction site layout, processes, and safety procedures. Photographic documentation can establish a clear record of who did what at various stages of the project. This helps hold contractors, subcontractors, and team members accountable for their roles and responsibilities.

Construction site filming and photography play a vital role in enhancing Health & Safety and ensuring compliance within construction projects. By meticulously documenting every aspect of a construction site, including safety protocols, equipment usage, and adherence to regulatory standards, visual documentation acts as a powerful tool to monitor and improve safety practices. It not only helps in identifying potential hazards and unsafe conditions but also promotes accountability among workers and contractors. Additionally, it provides an irrefutable record of compliance with environmental regulations, permits, and safety guidelines, which is invaluable in case of audits, legal matters, or disputes. Ultimately, construction site filming and photography contribute to a safer work environment, reduced risks, and enhanced compliance, safeguarding both the well-being of workers and the project’s overall success.


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The Time Lapse UK team were friendly and helpful at all times. The camera was professionally installed at high level and worked seamlessly over the two year period with no faults. The static images were consistently high quality and easily accessible via the online portal. The final time lapse video was cleverly pieced together and of manageable size and length. High recommended.

Ian Davidson
Childrensalon, UK

Time Lapse UK were professional throughout their engagement and provided excellent support from start to finish. They understood exactly what we needed at a cost more competitive than other suppliers we spoke to at the time.

William Mann
Mighty Fine Productions

time lapse, time lapse uk, baxter healthcare, construction

Having never used Time Lapse UK before I was never made to feel that our project wasn’t something that couldn’t be supported with. From the office team to the installation guys, all were professional. Our camera login was great as we were able to see all the images throughout our project and the quality was superb. When we finally edited our video Amber was there to help us through the process and made it a great finished product. 

Lee Inns
Baxter Healthcare