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What is your operational area?

We will go to sites anywhere in the UK.

What equipment to do you use for time lapse?

We use high quality 4K rated cameras mounted in IP-66 rated weather proof housings mounted either on our own custom tower or structure provided by our clients. The time lapse camera is solar powered and transmits images back to our server via 4G.

Are there any restrictions on what we can time lapse?

Time lapse can be used on any subject inside and outside. There is no restriction on its applications but all shoots require a pre survey before the shoot can go ahead.

Is there a minimum installation period?

There is no minimum period. We will provide time lapse photography for periods of one day or more.

Is there any limit to the number of cameras we can install?

No, we can provide as many time lapse camera systems as you require.

Is there an installation charge?

There is no charge for installation of our time lapse cameras.

Can you guarantee the cost of a camera throughout the entire time lapse schedule?

We can guarantee the cost for three years.

Can the time lapse camera be installed anywhere?

There are very few places that we cannot mount our time lapse cameras. We always perform a site survey prior to the installation of time lapse equipment to determine the best location and method for installation.

What frequency are the images taken at?

The frequency that images are taken at depends on the clients requirements and our surveyor will discuss this when conducting the pre installation survey. In general we recommend a frequency of once every 20 minutes is suitable for most time lapse projects.

Can you move the camera to another position part way through a schedule?

Yes we can. We can move the time lapse camera(s) at any point during the schedule.

Can the frequency of images be increased to replace CCTV?

Time lapse is designed to provide a snapshot in time and not a continuous video feed.

Once the time lapse camera is installed can the schedule be altered?

Yes, you are free to change the time lapse schedule to suit your requirements.

Once the time lapse schedule has ended when will the cameras be de-installed?

The de-installation will take place within 10 working days of the end of the contract period.

Should I be worried about GDPR when I have time lapse cameras on site?

There should be no GDPR or privacy issues when installing time lapse cameras. This even applies if an individual can be readily identified, providing of course there is a legitimate reason for installing the cameras e.g. for marketing purposes.

We will always set our time lapse cameras to focus on the client’s project. There may be instances however where properties, or individuals, could be captured that are outside the site. This is allowable, as the capture of this data is inadvertent, and as a consequence of  the client needing the camera to be in that position to capture their project.

While it is not a requirement, some companies may wish to erect a sign to make neighbours aware that time lapse cameras have been installed. This would also alert those who are working on the site.

It is worth pointing out if you install CCTV then different rules apply.

Please be aware that this is our view based on our understanding of the GDPR and should not be taken as legal advice. It is up to the respective individual or companies to ensure that they are fully compliant with all laws and regulations.


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