Specialist Time Lapse Cameras For Demolition Projects

  • Time Lapse Cameras

    Our time lapse cameras produce exceptional image quality to create time lapse videos in full 4K resolutions.

  • Solar Powered

    Solar powered cameras with battery backup provide the flexibility to allow our time lapse cameras to positioned almost anywhere.

  • 3G/4G Connectivity

    The images are transmitted over 3G/4G to our secure server where you can view them in your own branded portal within minutes of them being taken.

Time lapse for only £395 per month*

Recording demolition projects is as important as recording building works, as there are different required methods and videos are a visually engaging tool for marketing purposes. Time lapse captures mesmerising details in demolition projects.

Time lapse is a fantastic tool to capture demolitions in action as it condenses real-time from weeks to months into seconds, creating a smooth and punchy video. Take a look at some of the demolition projects we have captured so far in the video below.

We use state-of-the-art cameras, which can be powered by solar power, mains or battery packs, making them ideal for demolition projects. The cameras all meet the international IP66 rating for industrial enclosures which means they can withstand extreme outdoor conditions, and can reliably record the best quality of footage throughout your project, capturing critical phases from start to finish.

Our process is quick, simple and straightforward. For only £395 per month (* based on 1 camera for 18 months) you’ll receive a free survey of the site, installation and monthly videos throughout. Everything is included in the price, there are no hidden extras!