Another successful time lapse completed for another satisfied customer.

Time-lapse photography and video offer a captivating and innovative way to market your business. By condensing long construction or project timelines into visually compelling sequences, you can showcase your expertise and the remarkable transformation of your projects. These visuals not only captivate and engage your audience but also serve as powerful testimonials to your capabilities. They demonstrate your commitment to transparency, efficiency, and quality, which can be persuasive factors for potential clients and partners.

Whether it’s sharing your portfolio on your website, social media channels, or in presentations, time-lapse imagery communicates the essence of your business in a way that words alone cannot, leaving a lasting impression and setting you apart in a competitive industry.

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Exciting news! We’ve earned the Construction Line Platinum Certificate of Membership, showcasing our dedication to outstanding service, safety, quality management, and our incredible team.

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Tell Your Story With Time Lapse UK

Time Lapse UK at The Photography Show

Internal Fit-Outs

hotel, time lapse, gantry

Looking Back At… The Gantry Hotel Project

grand national

Time Lapse UK At The Grand National

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Recording Demolitions – Out With The Old

solar powered time lapse cameras

Solar Powered Time Lapse Cameras

time lapse, forest for change, somerset house

Forest for Change Time Lapse at Somerset House

time lapse for construction

Why Use Time Lapse For Construction Projects?

Construction is one of the largest sectors in the UK; so capturing the progression on-site, as well as marketing the project requires a robust and reliable recording system. Time lapse is the ideal tool to document site activities for both long term and short term durations. This is a photographic technique that makes time appear to speed up, compressing hours, days, weeks and years worth of footage into just a few minutes. Time lapse delivers an engaging and all-encompassing overview of any construction project making it an ideal marketing tool.

Time lapse for construction

Recording on-site activities require a secure and stable system to capture ongoing works. This is why our time lapse cameras are built for the construction industry. High quality and heavy-duty cameras provide the perfect platform for documenting any project. A professional time lapse service will provide a free survey and RAMs documentation to ensure requirements are met. A full accredited team will install the camera safely, so you can carry on with what you do best.

The individual images captured allows for remote online viewing at any time and a permanent record of the build. With remote access to up-t-date images reduces the need for site visits which allows for instant site monitoring at any time and day. All images are securely stored in a cloud to ensure every key milestone is shown. The digital image archive is vital to look back on previous projects for development and progress reporting.

Documenting site activities efficiently require solar-powered cameras, so there is no need to worry about additional wires which could cause some disruption. Also, operating with solar power not only helps the environment but helps meet sustainability targets.

Time lapse complements the construction industry to document and monitor projects and to create a dynamic and engaging marketing video. We recently captured the development of the new Gibside SEN School for Wates below.

Time Lapse UK

With over 30 years of experience within the photography industry, we have a keen eye for detail and are well-known within the construction industry. We offer an all-inclusive service with free survey and installation and are highly accredited. Talk to our team today.

Also, have you thought about aerial photography? Check out Commission Air to find out more.

symphony hall, time lapse, birmingham

Transformation of Symphony Hall

Two Birmingham-based musicians have been commissioned to create brand-new music which scores an incredible video of symphony Halls’ £13.2 million transformation.

Isla Wolfe and Surdarshan Singh have collaborated for the first time on this two-minute track, fusing hip-hop and tabla percussion. The music accompanies a video produced by us, which shows the changes to the venue’s front of house spaces overlooking Centenary Square.

Music is at the heart of the redeveloped public spaces in Birmingham’s internationally renowned concert hall. Upon re-opening the new state-of-the-art performance facilities, delivered with funds raised prior to the global pandemic, will offer local artists even more opportunities to make music as part of an exciting programme of free and affordable events and activities.

Richard Loftus, Director of Sales and Marketing said “For over 18 months, Time Lapse UK captured the external transformation of Symphony Hall’s redevelopment. Throughout that time, they remained in contact sharing monthly videos and offering the ability to log-in and observe more immediate imagery captured. In addition to creating a PR moment as the project concludes, Time Lapse UK have also captured history in the making for our world-renowned concert hall.”

Check out their final video below:

advanced manufacturing park, construction, time lapse

Construction of the New Research Facility

Working with the Harworth Group we captured the construction of the UKAEA’S new research facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham. Construction started in January 2020 including a pause due to Covid-19 and then re-opened safely in a matter of weeks, with the project completing in October 2020. This new facility is home of Nuclear Fusion, the ultimate energy source.

Check out the time lapse of the whole build below:

time lapse, time lapse uk, renovation, gardens, landscaping, london

Transformation of Whitfield Gardens

As part of the West End Project in Camden, we were asked to capture the rejuvenation of Whitfield Gardens with time lapse. The project was about reviving a local green space as well as the restoration of the iconic Fitzrovia Mural. Check out the whole time lapse project below.

time lapse, time lapse uk, time lapse photography, internal fit out, internal refurb, refurb, internal build, construction, office

Fairway Homecare Refurb

We captured the internal build and refurbishment at the new Fairway HQ and Fairway Training Care Academy in Sutton Coldfield. The build took over 4 weeks to complete taking over 2,000 images. Take a look at their time lapse video below.

time lapse uk, time lapse, construction

New OAS Training Centre at UKAEA Culham

We captured the purpose-built OAS Training Centre at the UKAEA Culham Science Centre with time lapse. The centre opened in September 2019 and took over a year to build, check out the construction of the build below.

time lapse uk, time lapse, construction, London, 250 bisopsgate, bishopsgate

250 Bishopsgate

250 Bishopsgate was one of our most recently completed time lapse projects in London. Working with Optimum Power Services we captured the first phase preparing to install power solutions for 250 Bishopsgate, London. We are currently recording the second phase as we speak! Take a look at their time lapse video so far.

Optimum Power Services commented on our Facebook post to say “This was another great project, and thanks to all who made sure it was a success.”

Galloper Wind Farm

At Harwich International Port work is starting to take shape on the construction of the Operations & Maintenance base for Galloper Offshore Wind Farm. The work is planned to take around 12 months to complete, and we are documenting every stage of the build. This new facility will provide job opportunities in the local area and is also plays an important part in our low carbon national infrastructure supporting offshore wind.

We have 3 time lapse cameras in Harwich, which are all solar-powered. On construction sites, in particular, issues can arise due to the lack of power by mains or generators. With our time lapse cameras there is no need to worry about power or extra cables, as they are equipped with their own solar panel between 10 and 150 watts, depending on your requirements. Also, highlighting the use of solar-powered cameras promotes positive sustainability which is an important issue for construction companies across the UK.

time lapse, sir joseph williamson math school, school, education, new build, construction, kent

Progress at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Math School

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Math School is a boys’ grammar school based in Rochester, Kent. The school was named after Sir Joseph Williamson who served as a leading politician and diplomat during the reign of King Charles II. He was first elected as MP for Rochester in 1690. Then in 1701, the Mathematical School was founded in accordance with the last will and testament of Sir Joseph Williamson.

This year a new 11 classroom block is being built, and we are capturing the whole progress from start to finish with time lapse. The video below shows the steel frames taking shape. Time lapse is a fantastic medium to showcase the construction, as well as documenting the expansion. Plus, a time lapse video can be easily shared among students, parents and governors.








time lapse uk, time lapse, aintree, aintree racecourse, liverpool, grand national, hospitality, construction,

Time lapse at Aintree Racecourse

We had the privilege of installing 2 time lapse cameras at the most famous racecourse in the UK – Aintree Racecourse, which is home to the Grand National. The first run in 1839 and is the longest jumps race in the country.

One of our cameras captured the construction of the hospitality pavilion going up as you can see in the time-lapse video below. During our filming, we also captured the build-up to the 172nd annual running of the Grand National 2019 as well as the racegoers attending the event.

Time lapse filming is an ideal solution for marketing and broadcasting purposes as well as documenting every stage of your project. It is a visual record of your project and instantly engages your audience. Filming took around 4-months to complete, resulting in a 2-minute time-lapse video from start to finish.

See more of our time lapse videos from across the UK here. Whether you want to capture an event set-up, to the progress of a construction project we have a time lapse solution for you.

time lapse, manchester town hall, manchester, lendlease, supplier engagement day, constructionline

Manchester supplier engagement day

Great day at the Manchester supplier engagement day, hosted by Lendlease, in the glorious town hall. Meeting with a variety of people across Lendlease in preparation for the £330 million refurbishments. Albert Square is also due to be enlarged by 20%. The grade one-listed town hall is currently closed and is due to re-open in 2024.

time lapse, time lapse uk, time lapse photography, time lapse video, construction, M20

M20 London Bound Slope Reinstatement – Blu 3

The scope of this project was to restore the structural integrity of the M20 London bound embankment following damage caused by extensive burrowing from rabbits. The embankment measures 376m in length.

The works comprised of granular replacement of the embankment slope, excavation, a full-depth reconstruction of the hard shoulder.

Blu-3 wanted to capture the slope reinstatement of the M20 embankment between Junction 8 and Junction 7 (London Bound) with time lapse for a visually appealing marketing tool and also to track progress. Filming of the slope reinstatement took over 4 months to complete. Watch the time lapse video below.

Oliver Nunn from Blu-3 said that “Time Lapse UK were providers of a high-quality product, knowledgeable operatives and quick to respond to any queries. We had a quick turn round on monthly videos that have made a great marketing tool and we were able to use the images to track progress of works with a visual back up.”


time lapse, time lapse uk, time lapse video, time lapse photography, Cholmondeley Castle Gardens, gardens, estate, horticulture, Cheshire

A Month At Cholmondeley Castle Gardens

We are continuing to capture the next phrase on Lavinia Walk at Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in Cheshire. Lavinia Walk links the Temple Garden to the newly renovated Rose Garden and is a tribute to Dowager Marchioness.

In the August time lapse video below, you can see the gardeners maintaining the beautiful flower beds and see the colours burst out. Also, in between the borders they have planted delicate Chinese Crab Apple Trees.

We started to record this phase back in February 2018, so watch this space for the final time lapse video. Similarly, we have also captured the landscaping of a garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. To see more of our time lapse videos visit our gallery.

August Time Lapse Video


Chelsea Flower Show, RHS, Royal, horticulture, gardening, landscaping, time lapse, video, construction, flowers

Capturing the best at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Time lapse is an excellent way of capturing landscaping projects and seeing how quickly designs can take shape as you watch the garden unfold.

Back in May 2018, we had the pleasure of capturing the silver award-winning garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show – The Warner Edwards Artisan Gin Garden. The design was inspired by Falls Farm, Northamptonshire where every bottle of Warner Edwards Gin is distilled.

The time lapse camera was installed for 10 days to capture the start to the end, with famous faces visiting the garden such as Monty Don and the presenter Alex Jones.

Lucy Edwards from Warner Edwards said, “We loved the time lapse – it was fascinating to see the garden being built from the ground up.


constructionline, construction, gold member, health and safety, accreditation, time lapse

We are now Constructionline Gold Accredited

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded with the Constructionline Gold Accreditation. This not only recognises our commitment to the construction industry but the importance we place on providing the highest standards of health and safety, and gives our clients the confidence that they are dealing with a company that is environmentally and ethically responsible.

What is Constructionline?

It is the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management. This streamlines and improves the process by reducing risk and creates a common platform for buyers to engage with new suppliers.

Why not talk to us today to find out how your project can benefit from time lapse photography from one of the UK’s leading providers.

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Lisgar Terrace, regeneration, construction, rooftops, time lapse,

Lisgar Terrace Regeneration (Phase 4)

Lisgar Terrace in Hammersmith and Fulham is an inter-war development that Southern Housing Group built in 1928 to provide homes for those who needed it the most. Last year the regeneration of Lisgar Terrace (phase 4) began.


Starting from August 2017 we captured the development at Lisgar Terrace and are continuing to record the progress. The design and build will preserve the historic building whilst maintaining the character of the estate.

The time lapse video showcases the existing blocks stripped back to the shell and core.  Also, the rooftops raised to create an extension for additional bedroom space. As well as this there is a major internal refurbishment with the replacement of the windows to match the original design.

Time Lapse Video

Using time lapse to document the regeneration encourages engagement within the local community.  The residents can see for themselves the progress being made in a short 3 – 4 minutes video.

To read more about the project at Lisgar Terrace click here.

time lapse, time lapse uk, M1, bridge, leicestershire, junction

M1 Overbridge Time Lapse Video

time lapse, time lapse uk, Chiswick Footbridge, construction, Chiswick

New Chiswick footbridge under way

The construction of the new Chiswick footbridge is well under way. The 135m bridge will connect Chiswick Business Park with Chiswick Park train station. Our team captured the progress from October with the project targeted for completion in December 2018.

Chiswick Footbridge Time Lapse Video

Watch the Chiswick footbridge come to life in this time lapse video below:

SMAS, worksafe, health and safety, contractor, construction, time lapse uk

SMAS Accreditation

We’re pleased to have gained a SMAS Worksafe health & safety accreditation. This means that we have met the SSIP core criteria recognised by the HSE and other SSIP accreditation schemes.

We are always working to achieve the highest health & safety standards at all times. Meeting this Criteria shows that we are serious about H&S and have (and use) an effective H&S management system.


time lapse uk, time lapse, southampton, ice rink, photography, video

Winter Transformation

Tredegar House, National Trust, time lapse, time lapse videos, time lapse photography

The Unveiling of Tredegar House

Tredegar House is a 17th-century mansion house in Newport, Wales. Last year the National Trust began a 10 year project of conservation and commercial development. The key task of the renovation was to restore the roof over the north-west range of the Tredegar House, which had been leaking for a number of years. They removed over 35 tonnes of Welsh slate! The leaks in the roof were not only posing a threat to the precious collection inside the house, by altering the humidity levels, but were causing the conservation team hours of work carrying buckets of rainwater out of the house.

Why did the National Trust use time lapse?

The nature of the project meant there were limited opportunities to share with visitors the work that was actually happening up on the roof. The National Trust decided to use time lapse to capture the progress of the project not only as a means of record but also to share with those people the full extent of work that had taken place which the house had been under scaffolding.

The time lapse project took 11 months to complete, capturing the restoration on the roof to the unveiling of scaffolding to reveal the historic Tredegar House. View the final time lapse video below.

Time Lapse Video


ERA Home Security, Logo, time lapse, construction, Wolverhampton,

A New Era for ERA Home Security

We recently de-installed a time lapse camera from a site in Wolverhampton for ERA Home Security. They are moving from a site that was 80 years old to a brand new purpose built building to support their growth and help transform the business. As it is a huge event in their company’s history, and they were keen for their employees to buy into the change, they decided to use time lapse so everyone could monitor the progress.

It is situated on the i54 technology business park in Wolverhampton, and will bring the existing sites across the midlands together into a central head office and distribution centre. It will also be home to ERA’s state-of-the-art manufacturing, R&D and product development.

We captured the project from start to finish which took around 10 months to complete. Watch the whole time lapse video which we put together for ERA Home Security below.


PASMA, logo, construction, scaffolding

PASMA Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Sam Croft, our Time Lapse Surveyor and Technician, has been PASMA accredited in Mobile Access Towers for Users. The course involved legislation, regulations and guidance affecting working at height with mobile access towers. Using the PASMA Code of Practice, Sam was trained to assemble, alter and dismantle towers incorporating current best practices.

This accreditation ensures we conduct a safe, efficient and reliable installation using mobile access towers. At Time Lapse UK health & safety is our main priority, and this is why all our time lapse technicians undertake the latest training. Read more about our health & safety.


Time Lapse Video, Instant, Time lapse, Feature

Our New Instant Time Lapse Feature

Time lapse is a fantastic visually appealing tool which brings projects to life. So of course our clients are eager to see their time lapse in action and how their projects are developing. This is why we have introduced our new instant time lapse video feature, located conveniently in the online portal.

This means that our clients can easily access the latest time lapse video at any time during the project. Great if you would like to monitor progress or would like a sneak preview ahead of receiving the monthly videos.

Putting Clients First

We are continually developing our services to meet and exceed client expectations. So with 24/7 access to a secure online portal, high resolution images, and our new instant time lapse video feature, there are now more reasons for you to choose Time Lapse UK for your next project. To see how time lapse can benefit you contact our team here.

time lapse photography, time lapse, UK, launch

Time Lapse UK enters growing market

Time lapse photography has become increasingly popular over the last few years as businesses look for innovative ways to get noticed. As a consequence Commission Air, which has over 25 years experience in commercial photography, launched their time lapse service over two years ago.

As the time lapse market continues to grow and with advancements in technology, expectations of customers have increased, and are demanding a better and an enhanced product offering. In view of this continuing trend, Commission Air launched Time Lapse UK which will focus on increasing customer choice, providing a quality and dedicated service at a highly competitive price.

“This is an exciting time to be in the time lapse photography business,” said Paul Nixon, Sales and Marketing Manager at the company. “Time Lapse UK is in a unique position because we’re part of a group that already has an established position in the commercial photography market. That means we have the technical, creative and business expertise to provide a superior product at a price that we think most businesses can afford.”

Organising a time lapse project

With as many cameras as you need and 24/7 access to your images, time lapse photography is actually one of the easiest ways to capture what’s happening with your project:

  • It can take as little as half a day to set up the cameras, which are robust and certified for outdoor conditions. These cameras are then set to capture the work on your site for as long as you need it – a day, a week, a month, several months or even several years.
  • Images are fed to a secure server via a 3G connection, and authorised people can view the still images in real time. All projects are given a full video at the end of every month, so that they can share progress, and then a fully edited and professionally produced video is created at the end of the project.
  • Time lapse photography is suitable for indoor and outdoor events – helping organisers, project managers, PR teams and marketing departments to capture the very best footage to show employees, directors, investors and stakeholders. Contact our expert team here.

“We’re extremely excited to be part of this dynamic and expanding market,” added Nixon. “We’ve been working with some outstanding clients, producing high-quality time lapse video that allows them both to monitor their site on a real-time basis, and produce professional final videos that promote their work. It’s a great time to be involved in this industry.”