• 360 Site Tours

    More than just a marketing tool! 360-degree site tours offer a powerful and versatile tool for construction projects, enabling stakeholders to visualize, monitor, and collaborate on the project with greater ease and accuracy. They improve health & safety, enhance decision-making, and contribute to a more efficient and transparent construction process.

  • ISO Compliance

    360-degree photography aids construction companies in complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards. It offers a comprehensive visual record that verifies adherence to quality management and safety protocols. This visual evidence enhances audits, risk assessments, and quality control, showcasing a commitment to construction transparency and compliance with ISO standards.

  • Immersive Experience

    360-degree site tours provide a fully immersive experience, allowing stakeholders, clients, and team members to virtually explore the construction site from the comfort of their computers or mobile devices. This immersive experience can engage stakeholders more effectively than traditional photographs or reports.

  • Health & Safety

    360-degree tours are perfect for use on safety training and inductions for new personnel or subcontractors. By virtually exploring the site, workers can become familiar with potential hazards and safety procedures before setting foot on the construction site, reducing accidents and injuries.

Example Site Tour

Benefits of 360 Site Tours

  • ISO Compliance: 360-degree photography is a valuable asset for construction companies striving to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards. It provides a comprehensive visual record of construction processes, helping companies document adherence to quality management (ISO 9001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) protocols. By capturing every angle and detail, 360-degree photography enables meticulous monitoring of construction practices, equipment safety, and compliance with safety regulations. This visual evidence aids in audits, risk assessments, and quality control, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and safety within the construction industry while aligning with ISO standards for enhanced transparency and accountability.
  • Remote Access: Stakeholders can access 360-degree tours from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier for remote project managers, clients, and investors to stay updated on the project’s progress without physically visiting the site. This is especially valuable in situations where travel is difficult or costly.
  • Marketing: 360 site tours are a compelling marketing tool for construction companies, offering an immersive, transparent view of projects. They build trust, attract clients, and showcase expertise, differentiating companies as industry leaders.
  • Client Engagement: Clients and investors appreciate the transparency and level of detail provided by 360-degree tours. It builds trust and confidence in the project team’s ability to deliver and can lead to repeat business and referrals.
  • Archiving and Historical Data: Over time, 360-degree tours become valuable historical records of the construction process. They can be archived and used for future reference, comparisons with other projects, or for showcasing the evolution of construction techniques and technology.

Montior your site with regular 360 tours – What we will supply:

  • 360-degree virtual tours of your construction site taken at intervals to suit you, providing a complete view of progress.
  • High resoultion 4K plus images allowing you to zoom in and inspect individual elements for progress, quality and complience.
  • Interactive navigation allowing you to explore the site from different angle and viewpoints.
  • Branded portals
  • Embed codes and weblinks to easily integrate into websites or BIMM.


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The Time Lapse UK team were friendly and helpful at all times. The camera was professionally installed at high level and worked seamlessly over the two year period with no faults. The static images were consistently high quality and easily accessible via the online portal. The final time lapse video was cleverly pieced together and of manageable size and length. High recommended.

Ian Davidson
Childrensalon, UK

Time Lapse UK were professional throughout their engagement and provided excellent support from start to finish. They understood exactly what we needed at a cost more competitive than other suppliers we spoke to at the time.

William Mann
Mighty Fine Productions

time lapse, time lapse uk, baxter healthcare, construction

Having never used Time Lapse UK before I was never made to feel that our project wasn’t something that couldn’t be supported with. From the office team to the installation guys, all were professional. Our camera login was great as we were able to see all the images throughout our project and the quality was superb. When we finally edited our video Amber was there to help us through the process and made it a great finished product. 

Lee Inns
Baxter Healthcare